Ironrock History

Ironrock celebrates more than 150 years in brick and ceramics manufacturing. Ironrock is a fifth-generation, family-owned brick and ceramic tile manufacturing company located in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A. Ironrock continues to take the lead in providing quality ceramic and brick products for a variety of applications. Watch this video to learn more about the history of Ironrock.

Metropolitan Ceramics

Take a tour of Metropolitan Ceramics’ manufacturing facility. The extrusion process used to manufacture Metropolitan Ceramics unglazed ceramic quarry tile is combined with state-of-the art equipment and the finest raw materials. This plant tour shows how quarry tile is made from start to finish as it travels through our manufacturing facility.

Installing Thin Brick over an Exterior Wall

Brick facades are a classic, timeless look. Today, many builders are opting to install thin bricks over exterior walls that include foam insulation. This video from Ironrock shows the basics of this type of installation.

Down to Earth Outdoor Tile Installation

Down to Earth® is an indoor/outdoor tile from Metropolitan Ceramics®. This video demonstrates a typical outdoor tile installation and is meant as an overview only, not a “how-to” guide for installing tile outdoors. For more information on installing tile outdoors, consult our tile installation page [link, Kait?], the Tile Council of North America and the manufacturers of the tile setting products you are using before attempting to install tile outdoors.

Quarry Tile for Commercial Kitchens

This video highlights the benefits of using quarry tile in a commercial kitchen. Our Quarry Tile is durable, provides added slip resistance and cleans up properly. Metropolitan Ceramics manufactures quarry tile for demanding commercial kitchen applications and anywhere slips and falls are an issue.


Tour our manufacturing facility! The process used to manufacture METROBRICK® TBX Grade Thin Brick is combined with state of the art equipment and the finest raw materials. Take a tour of our plant and see how METROBRICK Thin Brick is made.


METROBRICK® manufactures above TBX grade Thin Brick to be used with precast concrete panels, tilt-up concrete panels, prefabricated panels, field applied systems/applications and cast-in-place concrete elements. This video gives an overview for each wall system application.

Installing Thin Brick Over a Cement Slab

Royal Thin Brick® is a true kiln-fired thin brick for use in indoor and outdoor applications. Use this video as a guide for installing thin brick outdoors over a cement slab. For additional installation instructions refer to the Tile Council of North America Inc. Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation and The LATICRETE® Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS).

Quarry Tile Commercial Floor Cleaning Demonstration

Simple and easy to follow commercial quarry tile floor cleaning video guide. Metropolitan Ceramics already has complete and very detailed written floor cleaning instructions that can be found on our website. This commercial cleaning video is meant to be a quick reference–not to replace the guide—but as an additional tool.

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